Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail
Alfred Hitchcock’s Blackmail
Replikas – Evden Uzakta
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Replikas comprises Gökçe Akçelik, Barkın Engin, Orçun Baştürk, Selçuk Artut and Burak Tamer. Their debut album “Köledoyuran” (2000) and second album “Dadaruhi” (2002) were released by the Ada Music label. The albums won recognition by the music critiques and were pointed out to be amongst the best local productions. Having met interest abroad too, the albums were put on sale by foreign record companies and entered the charts of various radio stations. The band’s third album Avaz was produced by Wharton Tiers who is known for his work with bands such as: Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Helmet and Dinosaur Jr. The album was released in May 2005 by the Doublemoon label. Alongside releasing albums and playing concerts, Replikas wrote music for films too. The first soundtrack by the band was in 2001 for the movie “Maruf” by Serdar Akar. In 2005 the band composed music for Kutluğ Ataman’s movie titled “İki Genç Kız” which won them the best film music award by SİYAD in 2006. The soundtracks were collected into an album named “Film Müzikleri” which was released by Pozitif in October 2006. Replikas also took part in Fatih Akın’s documentary “Crossing the Bridge”; pieces from their albums have been used in various short and feature-length movies. The band recorded their fifth album Zerre in a complex that they transformed into a studio environment, formerly a prison located in the Gökçeada Island. Peyote Music released Zerre in November 2008. The sixth album “Biz Burada Yok İken” consists of covers from the 1965-75 Anatolian Pop period. Biz Burada Yok İken was released by Ada Music in April 2012.

Since March 2013, the band started to share unreleased previously recordings on Soundcloud audio archive page.

"EP No: 1", containing seven new instrumental tracks, was released in May 2013. A box set, including remastered versions of "Köledoyuran" and "Dadaruhi" and also "EP No: 1" was also released by Ada Music in May 2013. "Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail - Live at Istanbul Modern" was released in February 2014 from band's Bandcamp page.


a1986951706_2 Kompile Kompile Rock Sınıfı Doublemoon remixed
Blackmail E.P. No 1 Biz Burada Yok İken Zerre FM
2014 Replikas 2013 Ada Müzik 2012 Ada Müzik 2008 Peyote Müzik 2006 Rh Pozitif
Dada Ruhi Koledoyuran Koledoyuran
Avaz Dadaruhi Köledoyuran
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 fmbdbt Kompile Rock Sınıfı Doublemoon remixed
Sony Music Karga Universal & Taxim Edition Doublemoon
2014 Fakat Müzeyyen Bu Derin Bir Tutku 2010 Kompile KargaRuh-Feza 2008 Rock Sınıfı İlk Çağda Anadolu Uygarlıkları Cahit Berkay & Replikas 2007 Doublemoon Remixed Zift (Stylist)
Crossing the Bridge Vegetable Man Project 10 Floralia V4 Aksi İstikamet
Doublemoon Ogetti Vilanti IT Mizmaze Records  Kod Müzik
2005 İstanbul Hatırası Şahar Dağı 2003 A Tribute to Syd Barrett Vegetable Man 2002 Royal March Stravinsky – Soldier's Tale  1999 Gulyabani Müzik



EMAIL : replikas[at] gokce[at] - orcun[at] - barkin[at] - selcuk[at] -  burak[at] MANAGEMENT: management[at]  
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